Paul Charles is The Unconventional Scribbler.

Paul Charles' work is about awareness and freedom of soul. Too often we get caught up in the domination of indoctrination forgetting our individual identity and value.

Paul's book of Philoetry

Surviving a world of trauma, addictions, homelessness, borderline personality disorder, physical illnesses and the multitude of negative life issues that create emotional breakdowns Paul Charles (The Unconventional Scribbler) discovered that, there can be a way forward.

That individual change can be made, no matter of age.
That barriers can be broken down, a new way of life can be chosen.
Even with, old memories lingering in the background.

Paul Charles, chose 'Creativity' as his path of transformation and now uses his; writings, art and self-awareness workshops as his way forward, in the hope of inspiring and encouraging others to recognise, that they too can alter their path.


Unonventional Scribbler


True, it is no simple task
Every day becomes a challenge
and miracles do not happen over night.
Sometimes, it can feel as if, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

However there is, if, you are prepared to keep taking just one more step forward.