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My Wife's Lovers by John Herdman 
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2449 hits
This collection of ten tales, by one of Scotland's foremost practitioners of the novella and short story, is remarkable for its range and variety: from the virtual-documentary to the outlandishly surreal; from the comic and satirical to the uncanny and disturbing. (ISBN 978-1-872988-77-1) £9.95

The Sinister Cabaret by John Herdman 
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2334 hits
In the Sinister Cabaret John Herdman continues the exploration of extreme states of mind and ambiguous interior worlds with the Gothic imagination which has led critics to compare him with James Hogg and R L Stevenson. Scottish surrealism at its best. (ISBN 978-1-872988-57-1)  £9.95

The Girl Who Ate New York by H.P. Tinker  
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2559 hits
A debut collection of fifteen comically surreal love stories from highly original short fiction writer HP Tinker. (ISBN 978-9931123-1-7) £9.99

The New Mrs D by Heather Hill  
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2172 hits
A refreshing, sharp-witted and empowering romp that reflects real life, delves into unspoken about subjects and slaps the reader in the face with honesty. (ISBN 978-1-90591-698-6)  £9.99

The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson Telfer 
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2334 hits
An enigmatic debut collection of short stories from Dickson Telfer. Quirky, funny and alternative, his observations on everyday life make this collection eminently enjoyable. (ISBN 978-1-90591-663-4)  £8.99

The Studio Game by Peter Burnett  
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2349 hits
Set in contemporary galleries, studios and offices, this novel portrays an art world in danger of imploding. A story that is both a tale of young love and an insider’s take on the eccentricities of our present-day art scene. (ISBN 978-1-90591-658-0)  £7.99

Burrito Deluxe by Joseph Ridgwell  
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2271 hits
A booze and sex fuelled rollercoaster of a road trip from the cockney King of the Literary Underground. Ridgwell is the author of several novels, short stories and poems and is a regular contributor to the ’zine scene, both in the UK and elsewhere. (ISBN 978-0-9932272-0-2)  £9.99

Cider Camp and Other Tales by Craig Gibson 
Created 2017-09-05 - Fiction - 2244 hits
Debut collection of a novella and short stories from One O’Clock Gun editor Craig Gibson. The title story offers a novel solution to the problem of chronic inebriation. Grim, cynical and full of gallows humour, this book has the power to amuse and repel in equal measure. (ISBN 978-0-9932272-1-5)  £5.00

Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley adapted by Jenni Calder  
Created 2017-09-06 - Fiction - 2297 hits
First published in 1814, Waverley is widely regarded as the first historical novel in the western tradition. This new edition celebrates the 200th anniversary of its publication, and has been expertly reworked for modern readers by writer and critic Jenni Calder. (ISBN 978-1-910021-25-5)  £9.99

Trackman by Catriona Child 
Created 2017-09-07 - Fiction - 2255 hits
Davie Watts is the Trackman. He knows what song to play to you and he knows exactly when you need to hear it. Davie seeks out strangers in need and helps them using the power of music.
Set in Edinburgh, this touching, funny and quirky new novel is a truly entertaining read for music lovers everywhere. (ISBN 978-1-908373-43-4)  £8.99

The Blue Suitcase by Marianne Wheelaghan 
Created 2017-09-07 - Fiction - 2230 hits
This debut novel from Marianne Wheelaghan is a work of historical fiction. Presented as a diary written at the time of Hitler’s domination of Europe, this work is partly inspired by letters and journals left behind by the author’s mother, who lived through this tumultuous period of European history. (ISBN 978-0-0566144-0-7) £8.99

Ghost Writing by John Herdman 
Created 2017-09-07 - Fiction - 2224 hits
A subtle and controlled tale of doubles and confused identities, this is a dark, cautionary story, utterly compelling and charged with Herdman's unwavering sense of irony and his sharp satirical bite. (ISBN 978-0-7486-6211-1)  £9.95

Imelda and Other Stories by John Herdman 
Created 2017-09-07 - Fiction - 2217 hits

Amande’s Bed by John Aberdein  
Created 2017-09-08 - Fiction - 2343 hits
In this novel the author switches effortlessly between elegiac description, black humour and Aberdonian dialect of the 1950s in this highly recommended coming of age read. (ISBN 978-1-902831-84-5)  £7.99

Odium by Peter Burnett 
Created 2017-09-09 - Fiction - 2261 hits
A homage to the French existentialist works the author enjoyed as a teenager, this novel is set in Paris and North Africa, and describes an epidemic of depression, in the mind of a general medical practitioner. (ISBN 978-1-902831-73-x)  £9.99

Stations Of The Heart by Eddie Gibbons  
Created 2017-09-09 - Fiction - 2223 hits
In this collection Eddie Gibbons proclaims a vital function of poetry - love, and condemnation for the condition in which you find yourself. His are perfect moments, in haiku or villanelle, on the shop floor, on the hills or on the tiles. (ISBN 978-1-902831-11-x)  £6.99

The Dead Of Winter by Dominic Cooper 
Created 2017-09-09 - Fiction - 2322 hits
The debut novel by Dominic Cooper, set in the hinterlands of the Inner Hebrides, is a dark tale about the pristine love of a simple man for his home. This book won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1975. (ISBN 978-1-906134-56-3)  £7.99

Sunrise by Dominic Cooper  
Created 2017-09-09 - Fiction - 2359 hits
Sunrise tells the story of forest worker Murdo Munro’s escape into the wild after burning down his family home. Like The Dead of Winter, it is a novel of pursuit but, unlike John Buchan’s Thirty-Nine Steps which it resembles superficially, Sunrise favours poetry and landscape over plot. (ISBN 978-0-9932828-2-9)  £7.99

#freetopiary: An Occupy Romance by Peter Burnett 
Created 2017-09-11 - Fiction - 2335 hits
Arrested for a cybercrime he did not commit, Alan Stewart is shipped to Scotland’s e-crime unit in Aberdeen with a young hacktivist known only as Topiary. There they set about establishing a Scottish Occupy camp, along with others who feel that social inequalities are rising to historically unprecedented heights. The definitive Scottish novel of the Occupy movement. Actually the only novel of the the Scottish Occupy movement now I think of it. (ISBN 978-1-908931-21-4)  £6.99

Aliyyah by Chris Dolan  
Created 2017-09-11 - Fiction - 2380 hits

Aliyyah is a modern Arabian tale, set in an unnamed war-torn country. It is a Romeo and Juliet story, but one for an age where scientific materialism is crossing bloody swords with religion. What divides the two lovers in this story is not the war outside, but how they interpret the world. (ISBN 978-1-908251-44-2)  £8.95

On The Heroism Of Mortals by Allan Cameron 
Created 2017-09-11 - Fiction - 2136 hits
This is a collection of eleven short stories whose common theme is the heroism of our flawed lives. It explores the arduousness of people’s lives and covers such diverse subjects as human solidarity, generational change, single parenthood, domestic violence, the tragic complexity of revolution, police brutality, artistic hubris, and the limitations of rationalism. (ISBN 978-1-908251-08-4)  £8.95

The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror by R.J. Mitchell  
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1358 hits

A crime thriller that is a fast-paced, adrenalin-fueled ride through Glasgow’s seedy underworld. The second outing for DS Gus Thoroughgood. (ISBN 978-1-90591-651-1) £9.99

The Longest Shadow by R.J. Mitchell 
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1409 hits
DS Gus Thoroughgood returns once again to face his most daunting challenge yet. (ISBN 978-1-90591-661-0)  £9.99

The London Cage by Mark Leggatt 
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1276 hits
Combining the intelligent intrigue of le Carré with the action of Bond and the drive of Bourne, this thriller weaves a high-octane tale of deceit, international conspiracy and Cold War legacy. (ISBN 978-1-90591-612-2)  £9.99

The Silence by Linda Tweedie  
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1410 hits
The Silence is a gritty novel set in Glasgow at the time of the Ice Cream Wars in the 1980. Kidnapping, drug smuggling and murder ensue in this fast-paced novel.     (ISBN 978-1-90591-699-3)  £9.99

The Reckoning by Linda Tweedie  
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1351 hits
A tale of sadistic murder and extortion where there can be only one winner, The Reckoning is the third book in the ‘Coyle trilogy’. (ISBN 978-1-90591-610-8)  £9.99

Stealing Fire by Craig Sterling  
Created 2017-09-05 - Crime - 1334 hits
A faced paced thriller set in the world of arms dealing and religious terrorism, this is Craig Sterling’s debut novel. (ISBN 978-9554885-8-0)  £8.00

Food of Ghosts by Marianne Wheelaghan 
Created 2017-09-07 - Crime - 1325 hits
Set against an exotic backdrop, this thriller has a complex heroine who's as fragile as she is feisty - and who must tackle culture clashes and family ties as well as crime if she's to survive. Food of Ghosts is the first in a series of crime novels featuring DS Louisa Townsend. (ISBN 978-0-0566144-3-8)  £9.99

In Freedom’s Shadow by Joseph Glackin  
Created 2017-09-09 - Crime - 1406 hits
In the second of Joseph’s Glackin’s Liberian mysteries, Inspector Gloria is confronted with student riots closely followed by the strange kidnapping and murder of young children. (ISBN 978-0-9932828-0-5)  £9.99

Potter’s Field by Chris Dolan  
Created 2017-09-13 - Crime - 1382 hits
This first crime novel by versatile Scottish author Chris Dolan is written with wit and empathy, and he is unafraid to explore literary themes, making Potter's Field a work concerned as much with home and heritage as it is with violence and intrigue. It is a novel about Glasgow, told in an intimate voice with a profound knowledge of an exuberant, flawed city. (ISBN 978-1-908251-32-9)  £9.95

Into A Room: Selected Poems of William Souter 
Created 2017-09-03 - Poetry - 2319 hits
Edited by Carl MacDougall and Douglas Gifford, this selection of Souter’s poetry will be enjoyed by lovers of his work and novices alike. A perfect companion to Souter’s Diary of a Dying Man. (ISBN 978-1-902831-22-5)  £7.99

A Cuilithionn 1939/ The Cuillin 1939 & Unpublished Poems by Somhairle MacGill-Eain  
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2319 hits
An extended version A Cuilithionn 1939 by Scotland's finest C20 Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean is contained in this volume, which includes 400 lines hitherto unpublished. Also included are 45 poems which likewise appear here for the very first time in print. Edited by Christopher Whyte. (ISBN 978-1-906841-03-4) £12.50

From The Front Line: Scottish War Poetry 1914- 1945, Edited by David Goldie & Roderick Watson  
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2318 hits
From the Line brings together the best of Scotland’s poetry from the two World Wars: 138 poems from fifty-six poets are represented here, from both men and women, from battlefields across the world and from the Home Front, too. (ISBN 978-1-906841-16-4)  £12.50

Cold Night Lullaby by Colin Mackay  
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2316 hits
A poetry sequence by the late poet and author Colin Mackay, based on his harrowing experiences of the Bosnian civil war. (ISBN 978-0-906772-86-9)  £6.95

Winter Barley by George Gunn 
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2316 hits
A collection of verse by George Gunn. The headlands, red sandstone cliffs and sweeping landscapes of Scotland’s far north inspire his poetry and form the backdrop to much of Winter Barley. (ISBN 978-1-903700-12-4)  £7.95

What They say About You by Eddie Gibbons 
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2318 hits
A collection of verse, both witty and wistful, from Liverpool-born poet Eddie Gibbons, which was shortlisted for the Scottish Book of the Year Awards, Poetry Section, in 2011. (ISBN 978-9554885-1-1)  £9.99

Scotia Nova: Poems For The Early Days Of A Better Nation  
Created 2017-09-05 - Poetry - 2319 hits
Scotia Nova: Poems For The Early Days Of A Better Nation edited by Alistair Findlay & Tessa Ransford is nspired by a quote from Alasdair Gray. This collection of verse from a variety of Scottish poets was compiled in the heady days leading up to the Independence Referendum. Don’t let the result of said referendum spoil your enjoyment of this fine compilation. (ISBN 978-1-910021-72-9)  £7.99

Border Thoughts by Jane Goldman  
Created 2017-09-06 - Poetry - 2505 hits
Border Thoughts is a collection of poems and elegies on the painter Caroline McNairn (1955-2010), a dear friend of the poet, in pamphlet form. (ISBN 978-0-955488-57-3)  £5.00

Fios by Stewart Sanderson  
Created 2017-09-07 - Poetry - 2318 hits
Stewart Sanderson’s sensational debut pamphlet not only offers the promise of a major new Scottish voice, but one that, although rooted in his devotion to the Scots language and landscape, has something to say we all might want to hear. Shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award.   (ISBN 978-0-9926631-4-8)  £5.00  

Fractures by Iain Maloney 
Created 2017-09-07 - Poetry - 2317 hits
Fractures is a series of haiku and haiku-like poems that stand alone and also form a fragmentary narrative. This is novelist Iain Maloney’s first collection of poetry.    (ISBN 978-0-9926631-?-?)  £5.00

In Transit by Alessandra Trinidad  
Created 2017-09-07 - Poetry - 2317 hits
In Transit is a rhyming haiku sequence that describes fleeting, ever-so-slightly nostalgic impressions of Scotland, hinting at thoughts of exile, illusory motion, and both homecoming and homesickness. This is Alessandra Trinidad’s debut collection.   (ISBN 978-0-9926631-?-?)  £5.00  

Know Yr Stuff by Calum Rodger  
Created 2017-09-07 - Poetry - 2319 hits
United by the theme of hedonism, Know yr Stuff: Poems on Hedonism is Calum Rodger’s first collection of poetry. Varying between the humorous, experimental and heartfelt, often in the same poem, this is an unusual but brilliant debut.   (ISBN 978-0-9926631-2-4)  £5.00  

My Bonnie Scotland by Jim Ferguson 
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2320 hits
A new poetry collection by Glasgow-based poet & prose writer Jim Ferguson. My Bonnie Scotland contains surreal, expansive poetry written in Ferguson’s free-flowing yet tightly crafted style – a unique collection from an idiosyncratic and highly talented poet. (ISBN 978-9926631-6-2)  £5.00

Nae Flooers by Ann Mackinnon  
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2319 hits
Ann Mackinnon was a recipient of the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers’ Award for Scots poetry in 2014. Nae Flooers – a powerful, sparse and moving collection of poems – is the result of her work from that year and was shortlisted for the 2016 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award. (ISBN 978-9926631-5-5)  £5.00

Scottish Spleen  
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2317 hits
Scottish Spleen is a selection of Baudelaire’s prose poems translated into Scots by a variety of weel-kent Scottish poets. Edited by James W. Underhill, Tom Hubbard and Stewart Sanderson. (ISBN 978-9926631-?-?)  £5.00

The Parting Glass by Neil Young  
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2317 hits
The Parting Glass is a collection of fourteen sonnets by Aberdeenshire based poet Neil Young, co-founder of The Poets’ Republic magazine. (ISBN 978-9926631-?-?)  £5.00

tilt-shift by Kate Tough 
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2318 hits
A debut collection of found, visual and otherwise experimental poetry by author Kate Tough. (ISBN 978-9926631-9-3)  £5.00

Always Is by David Tomassini  
Created 2017-09-08 - Poetry - 2319 hits
The urge to understand what 'may always be', through imagination and memory, is the leitmotif in this collection of poems by Scots emigre David Tomassini. (ISBN 978-1-908931-22-1)  £6.99

The Republic Of Ted by Eddie Gibbons 
Created 2017-09-11 - Poetry - 2317 hits
The compilation of this book, Eddie Gibbons' second collection of poetry, was sadly interrupted by his father's death. Like many bereaved people before him, his reaction was to 'write it out'. The result is an eloquent extended elegy to his father which forms the core of this collection. 'The Republic of Ted' is a moving tribute to a father and a friend, full of humour and linguistic virtuosity. (ISBN 978-1-902831-65-9)  £6.99

Volcano Dancing by Owen O’Neil  
Created 2017-09-11 - Poetry - 2318 hits
Debut poetry collection from award winning writer, actor director and comedian Owen O’Neil. (ISBN 978-1-9061348-0-8) 7.99

Fault Line by Gerry Loose  
Created 2017-09-11 - Poetry - 2317 hits
Poet Gerry Loose's fifth collection maps the 'fault line' dividing man from his environment, centering in this instance on the Faslane submarine base in Argyll and Bute. He describes a land poisoned by the 'deterrent' meant to protect it. In so doing, Loose has reinvented nature poetry for the 21st century, reconnecting with a radical tradition Burns, Byron and Shelley would have recognised and celebrated. (ISBN 978-1-908251-34-3)  £8.95

The Steel Garden by Lorna J. Waite 
Created 2017-09-14 - Poetry - 2317 hits
The Steel Garden is Lorna J. Waite’s first collection of poetry although she has been well represented in magazines and anthologies. She is a poet and activist who was brought up in the steel working community of Kilburnie, more specifically in the shadow of Glengarnock Steelworks, which closed in 1985. Read a review. (ISBN 978-0-9566283-4-3) £5.00

One For Sorrow by Philip Caveney  
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1310 hits
More time traveling adventure from Philip Caveney, this being the third and final outing for both Tom Afflick and his nemesis The Plague Doctor. (ISBN 978-1-90591-695-5)  £6.99

Charley Chambers by Rachel Kennedy 
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1224 hits

A Young Adult novel full of colourful characters, romance, magic and intrigue. A spellbinding work of fiction in more ways than one. (ISBN 978-1-90591-617-7) £9.99

Crow Boy by Philip Caveney 
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1245 hits
An historical novel for younger readers involving Mary King’s Close, the Great Edinburgh Plague and time travel, by the author of The Sebastian Darke Adventures. (ISBN 978-1-90591-655-9)  £5.99

Seventeen Coffins by Philip Caveney  
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1251 hits
This is the sequel to Crow Boy, featuring its protagonist Tom Afflick, and explores the mystery of the miniature coffins found on Arthur’s Seat. (ISBN 978-190591-674-0) £6.99

The Calling by Philip Caveney  
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1225 hits
A teen fiction thriller where, once a year, the statues of Edinburgh come to life. (ISBN 978-1-90591-608-5)  £7.99

Darker Ends by Alex Nye  
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1424 hits
This slice of Young Adult fiction is the third title by Alex Nye, inspired by the landscape and history of Scotland. (ISBN 978-1-90591-606-1) £7.99

The Peerie Monster and the Colour Crocodile by Nyssa Pinkerton 
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1172 hits
A magical story, aimed at 5-8 year olds which will entertain parents too. Beautifully illustrated by Kylie Tesdale. (ISBN 978-1-90591-28-3)  £9.99

The Peerie Monster and the Christmas Sneak Thief by Nyssa Pinkerton  
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1210 hits
A Festive tale, aimed at 5-8 year olds which will entertain parents too. Beautifully illustrated by Kylie Tesdale. (ISBN 978-1-90591-69-6)  £9.99

Wee McAsh To The Rescue by Amanda Sutherland 
Created 2017-09-05 - Children & Young Adult - 1303 hits
A magical debut book that will enchant young children and the adult reader alike. The illustrations go far beyond the words and will encourage the child to find new things every time. (ISBN 978-0-9574323-7-6)  £7.99

Saul And Jenny: Jenny’s Bath by Alexander Jackson  
Created 2017-09-15 - Children & Young Adult - 1296 hits
Illustrated book for younger children by Alexander Jackson. Jenny the dog needs a bath – but Jenny doesn’t like baths! (ISBN 978-1-4990-9355-1) £20.00

Harry the Hairy Hamster by Sir Roy Cameron & Jessie Stafford Cameron  
Created 2017-09-15 - Children & Young Adult - 1328 hits
Illustrated book for younger readers which features a hamster who longs to join the opera! (ISBN 978-1-910651-13-1) £5.00

Harry the Hairy Hamster Colouring Book by Sir Roy Cameron & Jessie Stafford Cameron  
Created 2017-09-15 - Children & Young Adult - 1317 hits
The same book as Harry the Hairy Hamster by Sir Roy Cameron & Jessie Stafford Cameron, but in black and white to allow any budding young artists to colour it in for themselves! (ISBN 978-1-910651-14-8)  £5.00

Chapman Issue 109: In Praise Of The Lyric Muse – Stewart Conn at 70  
Created 2017-09-05 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1238 hits
Chapman is Scotland’s long running quality literary magazine. This issue is dedicated to Scottish poet and playwright Stewart Conn and also includes other essays, stories, reviews and poems. £5.50

Chapman Issue 110: Angus Calder – Maverick and Motivator  
Created 2017-09-05 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1251 hits
Scotland’s long running quality literary magazine. This issue is dedicated to the late, legendary academic, author, poet and critic Angus Calder. Also includes other essays, stories, reviews and poems. £7.50

Push: Best Of The First Ten Issues, edited by Joe England 
Created 2017-09-05 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1445 hits
An anthology of the first ten issues of Push, a London street ‘zine originally sold outside West Ham FC’s Boleyn Ground. Tough talking, uncompromising poetry, fiction, and interviews with an introduction by John King, author of the Football Factory. (ISBN 978-0-9931123-0-0)  £ 7.99

Push 2 edited by Joe England 
Created 2017-09-05 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1313 hits
The second anthology of Push street ‘zine, which yet again punches well above its weight. (ISBN 978-0-9931123-2-4)  £7.99

Butcher’s Dog Magazine 
Created 2017-09-06 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1180 hits
Butcher's Dog is a biannual poetry magazine, founded in the North East of England. Issue No.6 available at SDX £5.99

The Evergreen – A New Season In The North 1 
Created 2017-09-08 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1244 hits
The Evergreen - A New Season in the North edited by Sean Bradley & Elizabeth Elliot  is a new anthology of writing and visual art that encourages readers to look afresh at their own environment and their place in it. Inspired by the Evergreen anthologies of Allan Ramsay and Patrick Geddes, which stimulated a civic and cultural revival within Edinburgh and beyond, it shares the belief that an appreciation of place is essential to sustainable and convivial living today. (ISBN 978-9930544-0-2)  £15.00

The Evergreen – A New Season In The North 2  
Created 2017-09-08 - Journals & Blogs & Magazines - 1184 hits
Edited by Sean Bradley & Elizabeth Elliot Second edition of the Evergreen anthology featuring a variety of Scottish writers, poets and artists. (ISBN 978-9930544-1-9)  £15.00

Carluccio And The Queen Of Hearts / The Blasphemer by George Rosie  
Created 2017-09-05 - Drama & Screenplay - 1327 hits
Two plays by George Rosie. Carluccio concerns Bonnie Prince Charlie and deals not with the young and handsome hero of folklore but with the forlorn older man, frequently drunk and living bitterly in self-imposed exile in Italy. (ISBN 978-0-906772-43-5)  £8.95

Songs of The Grey Coast / The Gold Of Kildonan by George Gunn  
Created 2017-09-05 - Drama & Screenplay - 1383 hits
Two plays by Thurso’s finest poet, playwright and author George Gunn (ISBN 978-906772-44-3)  £8.95

Sandy Meets 2 by Sandy Christie 
Created 2017-09-05 - Out There - 1178 hits
A funny, irreverent, handmade comic book where the author ‘meets’ an obscure range of iconic figures. £5.00

Scramble by Sandy Christie,  
Created 2017-09-05 - Out There - 1152 hits
More madcap laughs from Fife’s finest. £5.00

War Tales by Sandy Christie 
Created 2017-09-05 - Out There - 1293 hits
And yet more unique absurdity. £5.00

The Supper Book by Peter Burnett 
Created 2017-09-05 - Out There - 1198 hits
The ultimate quirky tome in which the author catalogues everything he ate and drank in a single year. Includes recipes and extremely detailed footnotes. You may never look at food in the same way again. (ISBN 978-9554885-0-4)  £9.99

Dave Does The Right Thing by Owen Dudley Edwards 
Created 2017-09-05 - Out There - 1220 hits
A humourous and satirical portrayal of former PM David Cameron, by author and historian Owen Dudley Edwards. Illustrated by Bob Dewar. (ISBN 978-1-910021-63-7)  £6.99

The Guga Stone: Lies, Legends and Lunacies From St Kilda by Donald S. Murray 
Created 2017-09-06 - Out There - 1181 hits
Written in the Hebridean spirit of winding up the visitor, this novel adds a new layer to the legends of St Kilda. A blend of fact and fiction where the reader is left to decide what is – and is not – to be believed. (ISBN 978-1-910021-13-2)  £8.99