3 Jul 2016

Glasgow's Subway Grub Crawl by Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell Glasgow's Grub Crawl
Subway and Grubway in Glasgow
Proving that the ubiquity of food and drink makes for great art, artist Emily Chappell has created a two volume drawing and eating project for the Open Jar Collective in which she took a so-called 'Grub Crawl' via Glasgow's subway system - Glasgow's Subway Grub Crawl.

The mission was as follows: armed with an All Day ticket for the Subway, Emily Chappell would see which food establishments she could find at each local stop around Glasgow. 

The results are a genuine state-of-the-grub look at the city, its people and its diets.

The well presented and hand-bound zines which Emily Chappell produced as a result of this project include illustrations of people, places and dishes of all sorts, from Partick - The Polski Sklep and St Louis Cafe Bar - to Bridge Street - The Lunch Box and The Istanbul Super Market.

It rarely fails, in fact, and it always a pleasure to uncover the commonalities of life, the differences and the sheer fun available in food - it's something that is all around us and something yet that we barely notice, and so it is always good to see it celebrated and examined in this fashion - as if seeing it all for the first time.

The result is a love letter to Glasgow that all its residents will recognise and enjoy.


Emily Chappell

Glasgow Subway Grub Crawl Zine