1 Apr 2015

A Lone Star Weeps by Joseph Glackin

A Lone Star Weeps by Joseph Glackin
Crime fiction set in Liberia
A Lone Star Weeps by Joseph Glackin, from Thirsty Books, was the third submission posted to the site for me to read and review. 

But before I could do so, I was also emailed this review of it and so in order to thank their publisher for their trust in me, and also this reviewer, I am going to post what they have written:

"I love A Lone Star Weeps by Joseph Glackin. It came to me in a roundabout way a year ago, and I simply cannot forget it. It is a dark and compelling crime mystery with a brilliantly fresh main character.

Inspector Gloria is an out and out treat: realistic, determined and with with a very human sense of humour. What grips me more than anything else is the sense that in a country like Liberia, where good and evil have been turned upside down and shaken about, injustice and putting things right REALLY matter. 

Joe Glackin digs deep into the reader's soul and ignites a powerful sense of ethical urgency which is rare in crime fiction, and he harnesses it to create a wonderfully tense and suspenseful read.

I have since met Joe Glackin and found him to be a mine of stories and experience. He brings to his writing a depth of knowledge and compassion that shines out of the page. Liberia is a country I will probably never see, but thanks to Joe it is now forever embedded in my mind. I don’t usually put my name behind unknown authors like this - in fact I have never done it before - but I would like nothing better than for other readers to get the same pleasure I did from A LONE STAR WEEPS.

What is more, I am desperate to find out what happens to Inspector Gloria in her further adventures!"

Joseph Glackin
Joseph Glackin
The second book in the Inspector Gloria series, In Freedom's Shadow, will be published in June 2015.

Meantime, you can read more about A Lone Star Weeps at the Capercaillie Book Shop.