29 Sep 2014

Pushing Out the Boat

Pushing Out the Boat is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run magazine which is based in the Aberdeen area.  Pushing Out the Boat was established in 2000, but it traces its roots further back than just that and is in its own words the 'ongoing legacy of a series of writers-in-residence sponsored by Aberdeenshire Council', which possibly began in the decade before when Todd McEwen was writer-in-residence in Aberdeen, where he created quite an impact, and fostered some writers that are these days fairly well known.

In the last decade however, this A4 sized magazine has gone from strength to strength and now Pushing Out the Boat has its own management committee, which is anually elected, and since June this year, the magazine now has Scottish charitable status.

Along with publications like Gutter, Pushing Out the Boat offers a huge amount of new material, and from all over.  Each issue is generally about one hundred pages long and features poems, stories and art work, largely focused on the North East of Scotland, and in the fine tradition of literary magazines everywhere, provides opportunities for writers and artists local to Aberdeenshire to have their work in print alongside contributors from around the world. 

Pushing Out the Boat has grown in prominence over time and is an important reminder for all of Scotland, that the literary world does not cease to be at Barnton.  There is of course literary life north of Edinburgh, and Pushing Out the Boat is the firmest evidence of this, on the east coast at least, having reliably published for nearly 15 years, and having featured a cast of names far too numerous to list on any one webpage.

See for yourself at the Pushing Out the Boat website.  It is submission time again for Pushing Out the Boat, so wherever you are and whoever you are, this is one magazine worth considering.   Although entirely local in outlook and approach, Pushing Out the Boat is highly inclusive, and has a commitment not only to supplying copies to local schools and libraries, but it also awards prizes to young writers and artists that are  published in its pages.

The submission process for Pushing Out the Boat is entirely digital, and an artist musy log on to their website and submit that way.  Details are below.